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Creativity lives within each one of us. We inhale observations and experiences.
At some point, we must exhale. This is the mission of Spiracle – to provide an aperture through which to exhale.
What can be said about the editors Wrexie Bardaglio, Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. and Barbara Moore, miles apart geographically, who collided without crashing somewhere in cyberspace and recognized each other with a familiarity of unusual depth?  Their interests and shared sensibilities led them to the birth of this journal where you now find yourself. Individually, they came to The Internet in search of a poetry community. Together, they found so much more. 
                                                    BARBARA MOORE, The Negotiator
Barbara’s Basics:  Barbara has lived in or around New York City her entire life, although she has been told she doesn’t seem like a New Yorker. Whatever people might mean by that, she will leave to your fertile imagination. She began spouting stories and poetry into the air before she learned the alphabet. Her mother lovingly caught and saved all evidence of these first flights of imagination on bits and pieces of scrap paper. Then as now, she writes for release as much as she writes for connection.
Barbara was an English major in college, and the only time she ever felt blocked as a writer was while taking a course in Creative Writing. This says more about her than it does about the course.  She has spent her life attempting to slip through loopholes in structure. Her energy might have been better spent at times, but there you have it. – Barbara in a nutshell.
Publications include:  Wild Goose Poetry Review, Clockwise Cat, Gutter Eloquence, Red Fez, Guerilla Pamphlets, Heroin Love Songs and Lines Written With A Razor. She has also appeared in Here And Now, Calliope’s Closet, Edgar Allan Poets and, most recently, Combustus.

                     EMENIANO ACAIN SOMOZA, JR., The Agitator
Emeniano’s Essentials:  Emeniano began his journey on an island in Central Visayas, south of the Philippine Archipelago called Siquijor, where he learned early on from a gypsy cat the art of moonbeam-licking, and ocean-whispering from fishermen. His major was in Mass Communications, and he has earned Master’s level credits in Creative Writing. At present, he lives in Saudi Arabia. His most recent literary affiliation is as staff writer for “Combustus:  creatives and thinkers converge to explore the Aesthetics and Politics of Art”.
Emeniano is a romantic with a twist of hard reality tossed in. This can be gleaned from the title of his poetry book (and web site of the same name) – A Fistful of Moonbeams. Not a handful of moonbeams, not fingers gently flowing through moonbeams, not reflections of moonbeams, but a fistful of moonbeams.  There is a cynical word warrior inside of him, as well as a reluctant romantic. And in addition to being a widely published poet, he is a weaver of essays, plays, and short stories.
Publications include: Fogged Clarity, Moria Poetry Journal, Every Writer's Resource, Buddhist Poetry Review, Full Of Crow, Shot Glass Journal, Barnwood International Poetry Magazine, Gloom Cupboard, Loch Raven Review, Philippine Graphic, Philippines Free Press, Troubadour 21, Asia Writes, Haggard & Halloo, TAYO Literary Magazine, The Philippine Star, Philippine Studies (Ateneo University Press),  ANI: The Cultural Center of the Philippines Annual Literary Journal, Triggerfish Critical Review, Symmetry Pebbles, and Indigo Rising.

                                      WREXIE BARDAGLIO, The Mentor
Wrexie’s World:  A child of the Great Plains, Wrexie is an ardent observer of the natural world. She refuses to eat things with faces on them. At home, she is an avid gardener. She is also a fearless road-tripper – a happy explorer of unknown terrains.
Her life begins and ends with unconditional love for her family. In between, she was a writer for a Member of Congress for over a decade and has been published in a number of monthly publications. She even owned a small bookstore for a time. She loves books and words and the seductive arts of language. Her creative writing includes poetry as well as prose.
Wrexie is known for her enthusiastic political rants, and she can be a formidable debater. She has an intense dislike for pretentiousness and navel-gazing and is not afraid to say so.
She is a strong advocate for laughter and believes in the wisdom of choosing which battles are worth waging and which battles are not.

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