Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[Barbology] Miscreant Muse

She has learned to live around her empty space inside, weaving ivy and dandelion chains into ornamental loveliness to place across its threshold. Woe to the strangers who mistake this ruse for terra firma and tumble like watch-laden rabbits into her abyss.

Uncomfortable with closeness, pathologically private, she will bounce the waylaid travelers back to daylight. They will be forever changed. They will form support groups, talk among themselves, seek illusion of recovery.

They will never understand her limitless lack – her garbaged-out feeling of disconnect -- in light of early rescue from the trash heap; in spite of being embraced by those who cared for her, long after she had gifted them with reasons to stop caring.

Betrayal is the style she has perfected over time. They may love her if they dare, but she will leave them, one by one, and she will leave them piquant poesy nearly never.

© 2011 Barbara Moore, Co-editor, Spiracle 


Anonymous said...

Godsmacked by this alternative Muse!

Wrexie said...

I love this line: "she will bounce the waylaid travelers back to daylight." -- Oh, naughty and stubborn, querulous and cranky muse, come on and visit me; who cares about sweetness and light all the time? Love the rich, wicked humor, and love this off beat little piece!

Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. said...

Muses are such tricky entities - one is well advised to choose carefully which among them deserves attention because truth is, they are as multitudinous - each with unique personalities - as the myriad of voices taking residence in one's head. But, where or, when or, how does the artist draw the line between sanity and madness really? A timely morality play on aesthetic dynamism.

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