Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poet Profile

Dd. Spungin: In Her Own Write
With a nod of thanks to John Lennon
Interview by Wrexie Bardaglio

It is 5:15 pm on the east coast; the time I said I would telephone Spiracle’s first featured poet. Although I have done plenty of interviews with people for other publications, I have never conducted one as part of writing a profile for a publication that is, well, more or less mine. This time, however, I am excited to speak with her, this poet; we share a passion for the glory and energy and urgent beauty that is the written word as poetry. No one has assigned a subject to me. I do not have to do a cram course in physics, or airplane wing construction, or the Peace Corps in Nepal. I get to talk to a woman whose work I deeply admire, and already I know we want to talk about the same things.

I dial her number, and there she is, right in the room with me, nothing awkward, and I think here we are, two women about to start gabbing. But first, I really want to know about her name; with a name like mine, I have a different sort of need to know. I ask her – are you “Dee,” “Dee-Dee” or “Doreen?” Why did I think there would be an easy answer?  “Well,” she says, “I write as Dd Spungin.” Okay, got that. “Some of my friends call me D in our e-mail and online chats.” Alright. “And when I am talking with someone on the phone, I am Doreen.” I was in a muddle, trying to sort out what to call this poet and realize I had no idea when I telephoned her. Doreen it is; lovely.... more

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